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ASP.NET interview questions

This is a collection of questions that I have been asked for some jobs that include ASP.NET development. There are many web pages that contain a similar set of questions, these just are a personal recolection.

The topic for these questions not only refers to the .NET framework, but also several aspects that can be related to it.


Echoes of the Mind, an indie RPG Maker 2003 game

RPG Maker is a simple game developing tool published by Enterbrain that allows even non-programmers to develop a game with little or no experience.

Back in the day (around 10-15 years ago), RPG Maker was mostly used by teenagers and amateurs that wanted to create a game just for the fun of it.

Nowadays, there have been some impressive games

Form validation with Bootstrap, and ASP.NET is an excellent JavaScript/jQuery plugin to validate form fields designed with Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, SemanticUI, UIKit and others.

In this tutorial I'll cover a small example which uses regular ASP.NET Web Forms with Web API, but the same result can be achieved with any other technology, such as ASP.NET MVC.

First, you need to download


Are stored procedures faster?

This debate has been going on for years.

"Back then" when I was learning the basics of database management, one of the advocating points for the usage of stored procedures (SP) was performance. Fast forward some years and all I have read is that they perform exactly the same as a parametrized query. Is this correct?

Probably depends on your