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About Me

My name is Santiago (san-ti(tee)-A-go), I am 36 years old and I am an IT professional. I live in Mexico City.

I've been in the information technology industry for 15 years in fields like software development, software and solutions architecture, IT management, software sales and solutions consulting.

Currently, I work MasterCard as a Manager, Solutions Engineer in Mexico City.

I finished a master's degree in IT in 2017, it was an incredible experience!

That's me in Carnegie Mellon That's me in Carnegie Mellon

Regarding programming, in my free time, I like to learn new things. Right now I am learning ReactJS, NodeJS, and Python. I am developing a small indie game with good old RPG Maker.

Technology is my passion, yadda-yadda, but that does not define me as a person, maybe good food and whiskey do.

I'm also an avid weightlifter (my max deadlift is 500lbs) and the proud owner of a Siberian husky.