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About Me

My name is Santiago (san-ti(tee)-A-go), I am 31 years old and I am a software developer. I live in Mexico City.

I've been in software development for seven years now and a couple in project management and solutions architecture. My main focus is in ASP.NET technologies, but recently I am growing more interest in the front-end department. I also have some experience with mobile development and JavaEE.

I finished a master's degree in IT in 2017, it was an incredible experience!

That's me in CMU That's me in CMU

Regarding programming, in my free time, I like to learn new things. Right now I am learning ReactJS, NodeJS, and Python. I am developing a small indie game with good old RPG Maker.

Technology is my passion, yadda-yadda, but that does not define me as a person, maybe good food and whiskey do.

I'm also an avid weightlifter (my max deadlift is 500lbs) and the proud owner of two Siberian huskies, which I call "babies" even though they weight almost a 100lbs.